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Vegans Are Cool

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Vegans Are Cool: A Delicious Collection of Essays, Interviews and Articles by Cool Vegans from around the Planet

Vegans are Cool will assist you in discovering the many benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Vegans Are Cool is the A-Z guide to going vegan and staying vegan, for life.

The following are some of the topics covered in Vegans Are Cool:

Vegan nutrition, raising vegan children, vegan pregnancy, athletes and the vegan diet, the environmental benefits of the vegan lifestyle, cruelty-free fashion and vegan recipes.


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A5 sized book

Support Your Journey With Vegan Books and Magazines

by vegan author and author coach kathy divine

Vegan books and magazines make great gifts to inspire and support the vegan and vegan curious friends and family in your life.

  • Get Inspired

    Imagine a world where ethical people

    worked together towards creating a

    thriving world for all beings.

    You are the ones we've been waiting for.

    Let's create a vegantastic world together!

  • About the Founder

    Kathy Divine is the author of six books on veganism and the founder of Australian Vegans Journal.

    Kathy also coaches aspiring authors so they can publish their books with ease, grace and power.

    Details about her signature online program for aspiring authors can be found at: